tran LyTec® fibers adds a multicolored, glowing component to toys and games to give your products higher visibility in today's competitive marketplace.
Design-friendly and cost-effective, LyTec® fibers are cut to your specific design needs to enable easy integration into all plastics, ...Continue...
tran tran LyTec® fibers are the only truly durable, environmentally safe and flexible glowing components to add value to your outdoor sporting products.
Innovation for the Outdoor Enthusiast Grab the attention of active enthusiasts with decorative outdoor gear and visual illumination ...Continue...
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  staircase   outdoor enthusiasts and the general public by providing a continuous visual light source in limited visibility conditions. LyTec® glowing fibers are easily integrated into all textiles and fabrics to provide clear and consistent visual communication in semi-dark and dark environments. Continue...   ID   LyTec® fibers offer an innovative glowing component for interior design products to fit each consumer's specific decorative style.
Available in a rainbow of colors and cut to your specific design needs, LyTec® light-emitting fibers are easily integrated into all textiles for a glowing decoration to any...Continue...
  CC   The brightest costume and clothing ideas come from the brightest, coolest product. LyTec® lets you create dazzling, amazing glowing and flashing costumes, from Halloween fun through impressive theater and cinema applications. If you are looking for a way to impress young people looking for outstanding fashion, lighting up their clothing ...Continue...   IL   LyTec® applications shine in any environment where it is dark and where you are looking for a unique look. Possibilities include :
* Home decoration
* Garden and outdoor decoration
* Furniture decoration
* Theater and set decoration
* Sports decoration and nighttime    safety
* Teenager's rooms
  Costumes & Clothing       Imagination is the Limit      
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