tran LyTec fiber needed to be operated under Alternating Current (AC). For optimum efficiency, proper selection of Inverter and Power unit is necessary to operate the LyTec fiber.


  INVERTER- The inverter is an independent MODULE UNIT.
The inverter requires an external power source (i.e. AC/DC adaptor) to operate. The functions of the inverter is to convert the input voltage and frequency to an optimum level for LyTec’s operation. The purpose of using the inverter is to generate a higher brightness level for the LyTec fiber.
  POWER UNIT- The power unit is the combination of INVERTER and POWER SOURCE.
The power unit is a functional device, which has AC main cable, DC jack and/or batteries bank pre-assembled for immediate LyTec fiber operations. No other additional devices are necessary.
  CONTROLLER- The controller is the combination of POWER UNIT with SEQUENCER.
The controller provides a sequence lighting effect to the LyTec fiber.
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